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The OpenACH OFAC API enables searching the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) lists and helps your organization to know your customers and maintain compliance. To provide even more great features, we have merged the OpenACH OFAC API into our EasyOFAC product. EasyOFAC provides the same great REST/JSON web services, phoneitic-based OFAC searching, and adds real-time monitoring of your customer information, all in a completely tokenized system. Our guided OFAC compliance workflow makes it simple to add OFAC screening to your business.

Note that the open-source OpenACH processing platform includes a similar, phonetic-based OFAC search to help you meet "know your customer" requirements and maintain compliance with regulations. While the OpenACH OFAC API (now is partially based on this technology, it includes much more advanced search algorithms and allows monitoring of your customer data via a REST/JSON web service.

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Add Instant Screenings to Anything

Our easy-to-use REST/JSON API provides real time feedback and ongoing compliance monitoring.

Layered Fuzzy Search

Fuzzy searching lets you identify close matches. While most fuzzy OFAC searches use only SoundEx or Levenstien distance, EasyOFAC employs several phonetic algorithms layered together to analyze your data. This removes much of the guesswork, provides meaningful results, and helps avoid false positives.

Secure Tokenized Data

EasyOFAC goes an extra step by tokenizing all the data you provide. Only the reference IDs you provide for the customer/vendor are stored in their original form. We provide the peace of mind that any data being monitored is secure.

Real-Time Monitoring

EasyOFAC continuously monitors your customer base to help you establish ongoing OFAC compliance. Audit reports are emailed on a monthly basis and your compliance status can be checked at any time via the API.

Guided Compliance Workflow

When EasyOFAC finds a potential match, we provide you with all the watch-list data associated with the match to help you make quick work of further vetting the customer or vendor. When you finish your investigation, a single click marks the record as unsafe or adds an exception to avoid repeat matches for that entity.

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